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We help companies and startups create innovation ecosystems that foster transformative growth and unleash the potential of collective creativity.



At the core of our mission is the belief that building a strong foundation is essential for the long-term success of any venture. In this program, we dive deep into the core requirements needed for any startup or business ecosystem

Through a combination of hands-on workshops, mentorship, and access to a network of experts, we empower entrepreneurs to build robust businesses with a unique value proposition.



This program is specifically designed for startups with some traction and funding, that still need to take a leap and achieve growth faster.

During the program, our team will analyze your business case and provide tailored advisory for your company. By connecting you with our network of partners, we will be able to tackle your biggest bottlenecks, whether it is finding investors, clients or talents. 

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Track Record

We have been in this game for a long time, helping many founders and companies. The key to our success has always been the same: building bridges between people to facilitate development.

Take a look at some of our projects

In the past years, we created multiple leading ecosystems throughout Europe, from breeding ground for entrepreneurship to foster innovation for artificial intelligence. To us, ecosystems are the flywheel to create positive change. It is all about building bridges to connect people and companies.

Through meticulous analysis, we assist in identifying key stakeholders, establishing robust networks, and designing supportive frameworks that fuel innovation. The main goal is developing ecosystems that cultivate groundbreaking ideas, attract top talent, and accelerate the development of solutions to complex challenges.

Some of our projects include KI Park, IPAI, Bryck Innovation Hub, The Hinterland of Things, Founders Foundation and many more.

Helping founders and their companies grow is at the core of our work. Through tailored advisory, we help founders win investors, clients and talent. Our top tier network of partners can fuel startups with knowledge and capital.

Our latest projects include, Greenflash and Biofidus.

Having a lot of expertise in the traditional German family business and Mittelstand, we support numerous companies. 

Our core mission in this segment is to bring innovation to the sector, without compromising the traditional values of those businesses. We bring sustainability and technology to bridge heritage and modernity. 

Most of our projects are related to green transition advisory, executive headhunting and building dedicated tech teams.  Our CEO Sebastian Borek, is currently a board member at Kienbaum, Stockmeier and Bitcoin Group.

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